Act Early/COVID-19 Response Teams Complete Rapid Needs Assessment

February 25, 2021

In Fall 2020, 43 State and Territorial Response Teams and their identified key informants who lead early childhood programs, organizations, or systems (i.e. Part C, WIC, Home Visiting) conducted a rapid needs assessment as part of the Act Early Response to COVID-19 project. This needs assessment aimed to 1) measure engagement in each of the four steps of early identification and 2) understand the emerging strengths, needs, barriers, and opportunities related to the four steps of early identification of developmental delays and disabilities among children birth to age five during the COVID-19 pandemic, across early childhood systems and programs.

Findings from the rapid needs assessment are being used to inform Response Teams' work plans and to support work plan activity implementation to ensure a tailored and comprehensive approach for state and territory efforts related to the early identification of children with developmental delays and disabilities during the COVID-19 pandemic. Continue reading about the Act Early Response to COVID-19!