Sharing Stories of Individuals with Disabilities: Vanderbilt Consortium LEND's Collaboration with Saddle Up!

By Tatum Gross, Family Discipline LEND Trainee at Vanderbilt

February 22, 2021

Vanderbilt Consortium LEND's trainees have been split into groups to work on interprofessional collaboration group projects. My group is working with Saddle Up!, a therapeutic horseback riding program in the Nashville, TN, area. Saddle Up! provides Adaptive Riding, Therapy Services, and an Equine Assisted Learning Program to individuals with disabilities ages 2-26.

Our LEND trainee group will be holding focus groups with the parents of some of the children utilizing these services, in order to hear their stories. We will be asking specific questions about their child's goals and how Saddle Up! services have affected them. We are hopeful that through these open-ended questions we will be able to gather information on their experiences and learn about the effects these equine programs have. We are excited to hear about how Saddle Up! has helped these families!

For more information about Saddle Up!, visit their website at
Tatum Gross is a 2020-2021 AUCD Trainee Liaison.