Great Cartoon Giveaway!

February 8, 2021

In collaboration with UVM Libraries, CDCI is proud to announce the Great Cartoon Giveaway! The Center for Digital Initiatives now holds the complete set of cartoons created by Dr. Michael Giangreco with the assistance of artist Kevin Ruelle. This collection, titled Absurdities and Realities of Special Education has more than 300 cartoons, including some of the pair's most recognized works

Cartoons from the early books have found their way on to the pages of many newsletters disseminated by schools, parent groups, disability advocacy organizations, and professional associations. They have appeared in books, manuals, and journals; a few were even published in a law journal. The cartoons have been used extensively as projected slides or within learning activities in college classes, at conferences, in workshops, and at other meetings. Parents have framed cartoons that closely reflected their own experiences and hung them in their homes or offices. Other parents have used them in meetings with professionals to help get their points across. They have been given as gifts to people who "get it" and handed out as door prizes. The Vermont Coalition for Disability Rights used them as part of "Disability Awareness Day" at the Vermont legislature. The cartoons can be used in innumerable creative ways.

These images are free to download, share, and use for non-commercial use. We hope you enjoy them!


Cartoon Description: The cartoon shows a school with children waiting at the bottom of the stairs for a school custodian to shovel the snow so that they can get into the building. A student in a wheelchair asks the custodian, "Could you please shovel the ramp?" he replies, "All these other kids are waiting to use the stairs. When I get through shoveling them off then I will clear the ramp for you." The student in the wheelchair replies back, "But if you shovel the ramp we can all get in!" The tag line reads, "Clearing a path for everyone!"