Bronx UCEDD Publishes Mapping of ASD Rates in Children by Language and Socio-Demographics in NY State

January 4, 2021


pdf File Exploratory spatial analysis of autism rates in New York school districts: role of sociodemographic and language differences (11,083KB) [download]

The Rose F Kennedy UCEDD's Research Coordinator, Ms. Katie McGrath, MSW, 'ABD' led this spatial analysis of data from the NY State Department of Education. In contrast to prior research on ASD prevalence, school districts with higher proportions of Black and Hispanic students had the highest rates of ASD. Karen Bonuck, PhD (UCEDD Co-Director) and Mana Mann, MD (develomental-behavioral pediatrician) were co-authors on this paper which appeared in a special issue of the Journal of Neurodevelopmental Disorders featuring the work of IDDRCs and affiliated programs.