Charting Your Course AUCD Toolkit

A Toolkit for New Directors of University Centers for Excellence in Developmental Disabilities (UCEDD)

March 6, 2019


pdf File Download Charting Your Course AUCD Toolkit (2,458KB) [download]

This toolkit contains a series of concepts and exercises designed to help early stage UCEDD directors begin well in their roles. This toolkit is a complementary resource to the AUCD's UCEDD Resource Center (URC). The URC contains a treasure trove of resources for UCEDD Directors to learn and grow in their leadership. Most of the available resources provide guidance on many of the technical and regulatory issues related to the work of the UCEDD. This toolkit is designed to provide concepts, frameworks and tools that build that capacity of UCEDD directors for organizational and systems leadership.

You may engage this resource as a learning journey or as a set of stand-alone exercises. These concepts and exercises can build on one another. However, you may also want apply a particular tool or framework, apart from other concepts and exercises, to a specific issue or challenge in your work. The modules contain exercises and questions that can be used for group discussion, stakeholder conversations, staff planning sessions, and individual reflection.