Capacity Building, a program within the CDD at Texas A&M University

December 14, 2020

Capacity Building, a program within the CDD at Texas A&M University, has changed the way that they operate. In order to meet the needs created by COVID, as well as to be accessible to a larger audience, the Capacity Building Project has worked to create interactive online training sessions for participants across Texas. Since August they have hosted 5 trainings, led by experienced researchers, service providers, and advocates, that have averaged over 125 participants. Topics have included: supporting a balanced life in person centered planning, a review of trauma around individuals with IDD, building community connections for skills-based training, and connecting to Student Hire Ability coordinators. Capacity has also implemented a new school based business and employment grant, in order to create opportunities for school based jobs.

These projects have been based on needs identified through regional community conversations across the state. While the structure of the training sessions may have changed, Capacity has been working to continue to make them accessible and available to partners across the state. The training sessions have also been made available as videos and can be found on the Capacity Building Project homepage.

Visit the Capacity Building Website: