Peer Mentoring Program

December 14, 2020

The Ace! and Aspirations program received funding support from the Ohio Developmental Disabilities Council for the development of a Peer Mentoring Program, which will enhance the college experience for students with ASD as well as students who are neurotypical. Two self-advocates with ASD who are students at The Ohio State University will be engaged in the development and implementation of the Peer Mentoring Program. These self-advocates will gain a wide range of experience in this pilot year as they collaborate with Nisonger Center trainees to create the program curriculum for future cohorts and generate volunteer and service learning opportunities.

These service projects will broaden participants perspectives and increase knowledge of the abilities of people with disabilities. The self-advocates will also take part in developing program marketing materials, recruiting additional neurodiverse and neurotypical peers, launching and co-facilitating peer groups, and coordinating peer-to-peer mentor matches. The Peer Mentoring Program will increase personal connections that provide academic mentoring and/or social engagement opportunities. Other anticipated outcomes of the Peer Mentoring Program include increased awareness and acceptance of neurodiversity and autism across colleges and departments, as well as shifting focus from the differences of people with autism to finding similarities and celebrating strengths. For more information on ACE! and Aspirations, please visit our website at