Dr. Kelly Nye-Lengerman Named Director of Institute on Disability/UCED

September 21, 2020

Dr. Kelly Nye-Lengerman, a leader in employment policy and services, workforce development, person-centered practices, and evaluation, has been named director of the Institute on Disability/UCED (IOD) at the University of New Hampshire effective June 8, 2020. Before joining the IOD, Dr. Nye-Lengerman served for 11 years at the Institute on Community Integration at the University of Minnesota. Prior to her time in a university setting, she worked for more than ten years of direct services in program and workforce development, employment services and supports, and direct support roles. Her work, past and present, supports the full inclusion of individuals living with disabilities in all aspects of community life, making her a natural fit for leading the IOD. "We are excited to welcome Dr. Nye-Lengerman to the Institute on Disability and the University of New Hampshire," says Michael Ferrara, Dean of the College of Health and Human Services. "As a community that is committed to inclusion and equity for those with disabilities, we are excited that her leadership, expertise, and advocacy will be guiding the important work carried out by the IOD in New Hampshire and throughout the United States."

As a nationally recognized expert on inclusive practices and policies and poverty remediation, Dr. Nye-Lengerman frequently speaks at national and regional conferences events. She has authored more than 30 journal articles and technical reports and several book chapters on disability-related issues, including Community Living and Participation for People with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities. "The IOD has a dynamic history and commitment inclusion and full participation of individuals living with disability. The IOD's body of work and my passion for research, service, teaching, and advocacy are a complementary fit," says Dr. Nye-Lengerman, "I look forward to leading and supporting the organization as we pursue new, creative, and innovative strategies to foster inclusive practices, policies, and learning." Beyond her role at the IOD, Dr. Nye-Lengerman will continue to serve on the national board of the Association of People Supporting Employment First (APSE), as well as several on-campus and community committees.

She received her Ph.D. and MSW from the University of Minnesota's School of Social Work. Her honors and awards include the Young Professional Award, presented in by the Association of University Centers on Disability (AUCD), and the Education Leadership Award from APSE, both presented in 2016. For a brief biography, headshot, as well as a list of the programs she has led and publications she has authored, can be found at iod.unh.edu/person/nye-lengerman-phd/kelly.