AUCD Network Contributes to "Public Health Perspectives on Disability" for Rethinking Disability in Public Health Study and Practice

October 13, 2020

In this new edition, the editors and contributors update and expand on the educational framework that was introduced in the first edition for rethinking disability in public health study and practice and for attaining the competencies that should accompany this knowledge. The second edition highlights key areas of research that have emerged since the first edition was published.

This edition includes new and updated chapters that have particular relevance for public health practice: Disability, Intersectionality, and Inequity: Life in the Margins Disability and Health Programs: Emerging Partners Children with Special Healthcare Needs Disasters and Disability: Rhetoric and Reality Inter-relationship of Health Insurance and Employment for People with Disabilities Public Health, Work, and Disability Actions to Prepare a Competent Workforce Public Health Perspectives on Disability: Science, Social Justice, Ethics, and Beyond.

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