Mailman Early Autism Intervention Program

September 30, 2020

The Mailman Early Autism Intervention program uses the evidence-based, manualized Project Impact model, to provide telehealth-based parent coaching to families of children ages 18 months to 4 years with social communication challenges. This project was developed in response to COVID-19 to replace in-person services. This program includes 6 pre-recorded webinars for parents and 6 live coaching sessions. If needed, there is an optional 7th webinar and related coaching session focused on managing challenging behavior.

The program can be delivered in a 6-week abbreviated format or spaced out across 12 weeks, depending on family preference. Webinars and parent training are available in English or Spanish. The program is a collaboration of the Mailman Center and UM CARD, and coaching is provided using a co-therapy model with trainees and supervisors from psychology and speech and language pathology. To date six families have completed the training, all reporting high levels of satisfaction and improvement in child social communication. The program will continue to be offered for a limited number of families.