The 2020 PATHS Program - Bridge to Career

September 7, 2020

The 2020 PATHS Program - Bridge to Career PATHS students began this new year with the challenges brought on by COVID-19. The students began the summer part of the PATHS program (Bridge to Career) with online classes while sheltering in their homes. 14 students completed the Bridge to Career summer session and received their certificates. Those student are Ivan Barrera, Brian Berg, Morgan Cook, Bryce Cyr, Trey Easterling, Karlee Gardner, Abigail Junek, Jacob McKenzie, Erreel Mercado, Preeti Nayak, Brandon Reeder, Isabella Rowe, Arin Slaughter, and Caleb Sprague. 13 students began the Online PATHS program on August 17 with them sheltering in their homes throughout this year.