ACES-Talking with Doctors

September 9, 2020


pdf File Talking With Doctors Flyer (94KB) [download]

If you communicate using little or no speech, you can now find ways to get your doctor to listen to you...and get paid $250!

The Institute on Disabilities at Temple University's TechOWL program, Augmentative Communication and Empowerment Supports (ACES), is launching a series called Talking with Doctors. Talking with Doctors is a training series that can teach you about tools to use to make your own health decisions. You will even create your personal video to get doctors to listen so they know what is important to you.

You can apply if you:

  • Communicate in different ways using little or no speech (devices, gestures, signs, physical movements, pictures, text, etc.)
  • Are over 18 years old
  • Live in the United States or Territories

Topics include:

  • Making your own decisions about your health
  • Knowing what treatment doctors want to do and why
  • Learning tips for talking with health care providers
  • Insisting that doctors listen to you
  • Helping doctors know what is important to you
  • Creating a tool - short video


  • Everyone will be in their own home or place.
  • ACES uses ZOOM. We can help you use ZOOM.


  • 8 weeks starting October 6, 2020
  • Weekly on Tuesdays
  • Time to be decided later


  • 4 lectures and 4 in-depth discussions. You can also come to other events and social meetings in the future.
  • Lectures - AAC users and other experts will teach ideas and strategies about talking with doctors. We are working with a group of experts who will share their knowledge with us.
  • Discussions - We will discuss the ideas together. How can you use these ideas in your own life?
  • Meetups - 1-2 times a month, our AAC Community has "meet-ups" through Zoom. You are welcome to join us.

How Much?

  • These classes are FREE. A group called "Communication First" is funding this project.
  • Each person who completes Talking with Doctors will get paid $250.


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