Attain BA/BS and MS in Rehabilitation Counseling in 5 Years

August 7, 2020

SGISD's newest 4+1 master's program allows UMass Boston students to attain their BA/BS and their MS degree in Rehabilitation Counseling on an accelerated time frame. With careful planning and summer courses, students can graduate with both degrees in just 5 years.

Rehabilitation counseling is an in-demand profession even during an economic downturn. Rehabilitation counselors support people with disabilities to lead fulfilling lives, including finding meaningful jobs in their communities. Counselors work in a wide variety of settings including the Veterans Administration, community-based programs, state vocational rehabilitation agencies, and more.

"We're so pleased the university approved this accelerated program," said Program Director Dr. Dimity Peter. "Especially in an uncertain economy and in stressful times, being able to complete a bachelor's degree and master's degree so quickly is extremely valuable."

Dr. James Soldner, who teaches in the rehabilitation counseling program, agreed: "Our students are eligible for federal funding that can cover up to 70% of the cost of their master's degree. When you look at the relatively low cost of a UMass Boston undergraduate education, plus the chance to add on a master's degree in an underserved field, it's a terrific option."

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