Three New Briefs from ThinkWork

August 7, 2020

Finding Tasks and Jobs
Check out this ThinkWork brief to learn tips for finding tasks and jobs for career seekers with disabilities. This brief is part of a 5-brief series exploring a research-based model of supports for employment consultants.

DataNote Examines Employment Rates Among SSI Recipient
Beginning in 2010, the Social Security Administration (SSA) further categorized its mental disorders diagnostic category into nine sub-categories. Data Note 66 examines the rate of employment of Supplemental Security Income (SSI) recipients ages 18-64 using the expanded mental disorders diagnostic groups for intellectual disability, developmental disorders, autism, and mental health disorders between 2010 and 2017.

A Comprehensive Model of Employment Support
Issue 6 of Bringing Employment First to Scale, "A Comprehensive Model of Employment Support," describes a model of employment supports centered around achieving quality job matches and based on five key elements: building trust, getting to know job seekers, support planning, finding jobs, and support after hire.