Now Available! COVID-19: Anti-discrimination Training for Triage Teams

August 7, 2020

People with disabilities experience high rates of health disparities. During this pandemic, hospital and health care personnel must recognize their obligation to treat everyone fairly, especially people with disabilities. Dr. Jeffrey Brosco worked with community disability partners and the Florida Bioethics Network to write guidelines for standards of care during shortages of critical equipment, such as ventilators:

The Lifespan Inter-professional Collaborative (IPC), along with our Disability Awareness and Sensitivity in Healthcare (DASH) leads, created a brief on-line training course for the triage teams that may have to be activated in case of a shortage of ventilators. The creation of this training module was a collaborative effort, led by Dr. Ashley Falcon with contributions from Shelly Baer, Damian Gregory, and Jairo Arana. Ashley Falcon is an ETLP alumni from class 7. Alexander Milne, a SALT graduate, is featured in the training.