July 20, 2020

Today begins the negotiations for Package 4 of the COVID relief effort. That means your voice is needed right now. 

What we know: Questions Icon

  • Decisions are not being made based on science or the data that shows need
  • The politics of the emergency are not meeting the needs of people.

  • Members of Congress and their staff are not hearing from large numbers of constituents
    It is the third point that is most critical. We know that the only way to shake up the disfunction is to speak out.

What to do today: Bullhorn Icon

Contact Your Senators!

  • Call both of your Senators at (202) 224-3121. Leave a message with staffers asking them to prioritize the real emergency of human needs in this package.
    Script: "Hi, my name is _____ I am from _______( city and state). I am calling because _______ (impact of COVID). I expect you to include the needs of people with disabilities in Package 4, including Medicaid funding for home- and community-based services for people with disabilities, and Special Education funding to meet the emergency needs of students and young children with disabilities and their families, and the schools and service providers that support them.
  • Send emails to the staff of both of your Senators sharing your thoughts
    Tip: An email in addition to a phone call boosts the issues and gets the information directly in the hands of key staff who are working from home.
    Need an email address? Ask us: [email protected]
  • Find 5-10 people who will do the same
  • Bonus points if you tag your Senators in a tweet 
    Sample: Including people with disabilities in the #COVID19 relief package isn't optional, @YOURSENATOR. We need your help to get #WhatWeNeed
    Need your Senators' Twitter handles? Ask us: [email protected]

A small group of voices can make a big difference.
Reach out and ask others to join you in calling and emailing!