July 8, 2020


As a relatively new LEND program (entering our 4th year), we have not focused on engaging alumni to this point. However, our alumni have expressed an interest in remaining connected to the NJLEND program and each other, and in continuing to receive updates and information about educational opportunities we routinely share with our current NJLEND Fellows. We propose to use this funding opportunity to learn more about this expressed need, and to implement strategies that help our former Fellows sustain meaningful engagement with each other and with on-going LEND program activities. Additionally, several of the strategies we plan to implement will benefit the NJLEND program and the maternal and child health workforce by enriching the curriculum as well as the clinical and experiential opportunities available to our Fellows and providing an avenue to address MCH emerging issues with those who have already graduated. Eventually, we expect that focusing on engagement early will help sustain a very high rate of trainee follow-up survey completion at the 5 and 10 year intervals.


Prior to implementation of any project activities, we will conduct the NJLEND Alumni survey/pre-test to gauge former Fellows' interest in several of the proposed opportunities and to gather baseline data about how connected they feel to the NJLEND program. Several of the questions for the NJLEND Alumni survey will be readministered at the end of the project year as a post-test measure of Alumni engagement. We will also hire a part-time consultant to serve as NJLEND Alumni Coordinator, a position designed to assist with implementing many of these activities. Maria Leary, former NJLEND Family Fellow 2017-2018, is willing to serve as the NJLEND Alumni Coordinator. Her knowledge of the NJLEND program and existing relationship with many of our former Fellows make her an ideal candidate for this role.

Primary Contact:

Caroline Coffield, PhD, Assistant Professor of Pediatrics and Training
Email: [email protected]
Phone: (732) 235-9329

Maria Leary, NJLEND Family Fellow '18, will serve in the
role of NJLEND Alumni Coordinator and will prepare written materials, oversee social media for alumni engagement, and plan the in-person NJLEND Alumni Conference, as well as other informal networking events.
Email: [email protected]