VT LEND HDCC Council wins Diversity Team Award 2020 for Profiles in Diversity Journal

July 8, 2020

Profiles in Diversity Journal has recognized thousands of individuals from around the world who are making a difference. The Diversity Team Profiles spring edition recognized and celebrated the idea of teamwork, the importance of individual contributions, and the unique people organization who have come together to advance the cause of diversity and inclusion every day.

VT LEND HDCC (Health Disparities Cultural Competence Council) celebrates the inclusivity that diverse individuals working together as members of a team represents. HDCC's 16-member group is housed under VT LEND at the University of Vermont. Ninety-five percent of HDCC's members represent fifteen racially and ethnically diverse communities including refugee, immigrant, Middle-Eastern and two Native communities. HDCC oversees multiple federal and state programs related to substance abuse prevention, neurodevelopmental disabilities, refugee and immigrant health, and most recently, in culturally responsive approaches to Genomic DNA testing with underserved communities.

HDCC has been awarded numerous grants over the years and has been recognized with two state and national awards including the 2018 AUCD National Multicultural Council Leadership in Diversity Award. The group's innovative approaches to diversity and meaningful community collaboration and partnership have been highlighted regularly as effective and best practice models in community participatory and engagement work, reaching thousands of community members annually.

Link: https://diversityjournal.com/ p. 96-97