What We Need - Rebecca

July 2, 2020

My name is Rebecca and I am a mother of a boy with autism. My family is from Portland, Oregon, and the COVID-19 emergency has certainly impacted the lives of myself and my family. For many children, they go to school, make progress in their education, and when summertime comes, they are able to retain some of that progress. My child struggles over any disruption to his schedule, and regresses over summer breaks, even with attending summer school. We are currently without adequate resources, and I am concerned about where my child will be by the end of this. We had previously had a personal support worker, but he has been exposed to someone with COVID-19. With my husband in a high-risk category, we are no longer able to have support providers come to our home if it may put his health at risk. We are concerned about meeting the needs of our child, and want to know what can be done to provide equal education and adequate services during this time of crisis? I appreciate your time and considerations.