North Carolina Inclusive Virtual College Fair

June 10, 2020

Dan Earixson, a LEND/UCEDD trainee and School Psychology graduate student at University of North Carolina, and the North Carolina Inclusive Postsecondary Education Alliance (NC IPSEA) interagency visibility team has worked together to release the first Inclusive Virtual College Fair.This team includes staff from the NC Department of Health and Human Services (Angelia Lightfoot), Carolina Institute for Developmental Disabilities (Deb Zuver), and IPSE/CTP program staff (Lisa Pluff).

The NC Inclusive Virtual College Fair includes short presentations from 6 inclusive postsecondary programs for students with intellectual/developmental disabilities. These presentations describe each program in their own words, often in the unique voices of current and former students, and provide information about academic focus, supports, campus life, housing, employment, cost, program length, and other aspects. 

The college fair is presented as a playlist on YouTube ( and has over 1,300 views as of the first month.