Paths Program

May 13, 2020

The PATHS Program was an amazing growth experience for me. But I almost didn't even go. In fact, after visiting the PATHS open house day in Feb 2019, I told my mom that it looked like a nice program but the Texas A&M campus was way too big for me. Plus It would require me to navigate public transportation which I had never done before and I was terrified of doing it . But a week later I got in an argument with my little sister and I asked my mom where that PATHS application was! Now I am so glad I went ! It wasn't easy at first but Bridge 2 Career truly helped guide me into the right direction and grew in so many ways. By the end of Bridge 2 Careers I had fallen in love with CSTX and my mentors. I couldn't wait to get back in the fall to start the PATHS program. I was able to navigate the large Texas A&M campus experienced dorm life, learned about the neat TAMU traditions

In the fall, my learning and growth continued. I lived at Cambridge at College Station, off campus student housing. I learned to take the bus system not only to campus, but also to my independent living classes at BVCIL and practicum site working with preschool aged kids. It wasn't always easy. There were many days I thought I would not make it through the class assignments and workload. But here I am, about to graduate from the program and It was exactly what I was meant to do and enjoyed the valuable experiences. I want to thank all the people in the PATHS program who believed in me and helped me along the way. I could not be where I am today if it wasn't for the support and encouragement of the PATHS staff and mentors along the way.