AUCD's National Center on Disability in Public Health Shares COVID-19 Emergency Response Information

May 11, 2020

One of the most important tasks for AUCD's public health team and the entire network right now is sharing accurate, timely information on COVID-19 for the disability community. AUCD's Network Public Health Webinar Series on COVID-19 did just that, together with programs and centers across the network. This 4-part webinar series, hosted by AUCD's National Center on Disability in Public Health, reviewed timely public health information on what we currently know on disability inclusion as it relates to this emerging issue, reaching about 2,000 attendees through the live sessions. Fantastic speakers from the Health and Disability SIG, Emergency Preparedness SIG, Mental Health Aspects of I/DD, Nutrition SIG, Sexual Health SIG, FASD SIG, Family Discipline Network, and the Council on Leadership in Advocacy (COLA) participated alongside colleagues from the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control (CDC) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). Please check the webinar series page for the recordings and share the links with partners and colleagues.

We encourage you to keep sharing your disability inclusion and COVID-19 resources in our Public Health is for Everyone Toolkit, an online toolkit that helps public health professionals create programs for everyone, including people with a disability. AUCD's National Center on Disability in Public Health is in the process of updating the COVID-19 resources section, so please suggest any resources that you find helpful! Emerging resources to support people with disabilities and disability-related organizations were recently highlighted in a webinar hosted by the AUCD Emergency Preparedness SIG and the Community Education and Dissemination Council (CEDC). As these discussions continue across the network, please suggest resources for our Public Health is for Everyone Toolkit.

Please save the date for our Disability in Public Health COVID-19 Town Hall on June 2 at 3pmET. This Town Hall is a virtual way to keep supporting all public health-related Council and Special Interest Group members in connecting their expertise both with each other, as well as our Federal and general partners. This is an open discussion for making these connections. We invite you to share your expertise and wisdom as you are the experts on your communities and respective areas of work! If you are interesting in highlighting your efforts, please email us at [email protected].

As one of our webinar speakers said, "Now is the time to keep speaking up. I know you're tired, but we need to keep going." Please take good care of yourself and check out CDC's Stress and Coping tips. As another shared, "We need everyone in the disability community. We need each other." Remember, public health is for everyone!


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