Kansas Autism Annual Conference Goes Virtual

May 20, 2020

This year's Kansas Center for Autism Research and Training (K-CART) bi-annual conference Autism Across the Lifespan co-sponsored by Kansas LEND was quickly and successfully re-imagined to be held virtually on April 10th via zoom. LEND faculty members Leni Swails, Ph.D., Rene Jamison, Ph.D. and Skylar Bellinger, Pd.D. partnered with Matt Mosconi, Ph.D. and Sean Swindler of KCART to present on the unique challenges faced by individuals with ASD, their caregivers, and providers during the COVID-19 pandemic. The content was changed to address what families needed most during this crisis including ideas to help with emotional regulation, creating healthy routines, visual supports to structure the day and ways to stay connected! Over 200 individuals registered for the event, including individuals with ASD, family members, researchers and community partners from across the country.

"As we moved closer to the original conference date, it became increasingly clear that this year was going to be different, and we were needed to re-think our vision for the conference to address the urgent needs of our community. Leaders from the K-CART and LEND teams came together quickly, and everyone jumped in with both feet to develop a program that would help address the many concerns that we all are feeling as parents, professionals, and just as people living through this unprecedented time. While the COVID-19 pandemic has created considerable disruption for all of us, this virtual meeting was an example of our community can come together to support one another and get through this." ~ Matt Mosconi, Director, K-CART