OHSU UCEDD to host Complex Access and Communication Webinar Series

February 26, 2020

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The UCEDD at Oregon Health & Science University Institute on Development and Disability is partnering with the Assistive Technology lab at Community Vision to present a webinar series, "Complex Access and Communication: A 3-Part Approach for Emerging Communicators."

This webinar series will provide continuing education for professionals and caregivers to strengthen their skill set in utilizing augmentative and alternative communication methods. Webinar attendees will learn new techniques for supporting communication skills for individuals with complex communication needs.

Session 1: March 12th - When children or adults with complex communication needs (CCN) are not able to use their fingers for direct access to AAC systems, we need to consider alternative access modes. This session is an overview of alternative access for AAC. It will lay the foundation for the innovative 3-part approach for emerging communicators presented in Sessions 2 and 3.

Session 2: April 9th - Children with complex motor or sensory needs, who would benefit from AAC, have many challenges. Knowing where to begin and how to progress can be daunting. A three-step approach to building tools, which teases apart Participation, Access, and Language (PAL) will be discussed. We will discuss the rationale for the PAL approach and demonstrate the process through case studies, exploring how each of the three areas of PAL were addressed with each child. Examples will be provided of how the three areas, when given time to develop, can come together in a comprehensive, multi-modal AAC system.

Session 3: May 14th - Building upon the 3-part approach outlined in Session 1, we will look at specific tools and strategies in each of the PAL areas. A handout for organizing tools will be discussed in the context of a brief case study.

The School of Medicine at Oregon Health & Science University is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME) to provide continuing medical education for physicians.

Learn more and register here: https://www.ohsu.edu/university-center-excellence-development-disability/upcoming-and-current-events