AUCD Opposes a Proposed Revision to the DSM-5's Entry for ID

August 1, 2019


pdf File APA DSM5 IDD.pdf (99KB) [download]

AUCD submitted comments to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) strongly opposing a proposed change to the DSM-5 concerning the diagnostic criteria for intellectual disability (ID). The DSM-5 is a guide for doctors to diagnosis people with a disability. In an attempt to clarify the current criteria for ID, the proposed revision creates greater concern around the understanding of intellectual functioning and adaptive behavior. It says – incorrectly – that adaptive functioning is a cause of intellectual functioning. We proposed a change to the DSM-5 that will direct clinicians more clearly in the diagnosis of intellectual disability which could positively impact eligibility for supports and services. If changed, it may result in a population of people underdiagnosed, misdiagnosed, or undiagnosed hindering their ability to access services that match their individual needs. Read AUCD's included public comments.