Special Education Initiative - A community voice for special education (TX UCEDD)

July 3, 2019

Website Link  https://disabilitystudies.utexas.edu/tea-grant-focuses-stakeholder-input

The Texas Center for Disability Studies (TCDS) at The University of Texas at Austin has launched a new initiative to engage community members in providing guidance to the Texas Education Agency (TEA) on special education issues. Interested individuals can sign up here to learn more (with no obligation): https://bit.ly/2Z1Ymkc.

The U.S. Department of Education released a monitoring report in January 2018, after a 15-month investigation, finding that the TEA effectively capped the statewide percentage of students who could receive special education services and incentivized school districts to deny services to eligible students. The TEA was required to create a 5-year corrective action plan with public input. Part of the Corrective Action Plan includes stakeholder involvement opportunities.

Partners on this project include the Institute for Public School Initiatives, also part of the University, Knowbility, and Texas Parent to Parent. These partners bring the communities of Texas together both online and in person and build a communication bridge that will serve the children of Texas for years to come.

Special education services can begin at age 3 and end at age 22. Strong special education results in a better education for all, supports the economic future of Texas, and is critical for children to live their potential. The TEA directly impacts every public school in Texas, including charter schools. This is an opportunity for students, families, professionals, the faith community, public agencies, non-profits, and businesses to join together and improve education on a statewide level.