OHSU Institute on Development and Disability UCEDD elevates University Job Carving Program (OR UCEDD)

July 2, 2019

The OHSU Job Carving Program now has a public face on the UCEDD's website. This university-wide effort has created opportunities for over 30 people with disabilities and is starting to shift institutional culture. The program recently received national recognition from the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources (CUPA-HR) 2019 Inclusion Cultivates Excellence Award. This award recognizes and celebrates institutional initiatives and programs that have made a significant impact with respect to inclusive and equitable workplace practices, particularly those that have brought about cultural change throughout the organization. The UCEDD provides technical assistance and guidance to the program. The Job Carving Program webpages went live on June 20th.

These four pages provide context and direction for people who are interested in working in the program, for departments considering adoption of the program, and for outside organizations to start their own programs. To say that the content is motivating is an understatement. There are many stories shared including that of Bryan Mendes Da Costa, Imaging Specialist (Support Services Aide 1), in Environmental Services Department, "...OHSU has been a great experience and life changing place for me...Everyone here supports each other." This collaboration with OHSU Human Resources is representative of the UCEDD's newest employment related initiative to support OHSU's commitment to a diverse and inclusive workplace, as well as broaden UCEDD partnerships across the university. UCEDD co-director, Rhonda Eppelsheimer reiterates in the testimonials, "Developing meaningful employment opportunities for people with a variety of skills and abilities is not only possible, it positively impacts workplace diversity and celebrates the value that people living with disabilities offer..."

Check out the OHSU Job Carving Program webpages starting here: https://www.ohsu.edu/university-center-excellence-development-disability/job-carving-program