Tracy Glass, PATHS Program Director is Prepared to Give All to the Program (TX UCEDD)

June 24, 2019

Tracy Glass, the PATHS Program Director, is devoted to the PATHS Program and has been working to improve the program. The PATHS Program allows students with or without disabilities the opportunity to a human service career tract as well as the skills to live independently. This program has changed the lives of many students with disabilities that did not have a career direction or the ability to live independently.

Ms. Glass came to Texas A&M University to pursue her dream of teaching. She quit work and completed her degree in Special Education. After working in the public school system she came to the PATHS program. Working with the PATHS Program she has found a place where she feels she is making a difference in the lives of those who come to the program. She is so invested to make the PATHS Program to grow and succeed, that she became a member of the Texas A&M Legacy Society and designated the PATHS Program as her beneficiary. She is currently working with the university to set up ways to allow donations to help students coming to the PATHS Program in the future. Working with the PATHS program, Ms. Glass has seen the effects the Program has on people with disabilities. In a one-year span of time, students are instructed on how to become productive citizens in the community. Being able to work and earn a living, make their own decisions and live independently.

Ms. Glass stated, "The only thing standing between our students and poverty, or our students and independence is a job." The PATHS Programs provides students with the skills to be able to get a job and live a good quality life like everyone else. Ms. Glass is trying to reach out and let more people know about the PATHS Program. With additional funding and scholarships, more students would have an opportunity to benefit from the PATHS Program. "When I look at these students I don't see the student as any different than any other Aggie on this campus. When you start looking at people like they are different, then you start making exceptions for them. A lot of people feel sorry for our students, I don't feel sorry for them. Their disability does not define them, their disability is just a part of who they are." Ms. Glass believes whole-heartedly in this program and her dedication and expectations are high because of her devotion. She has taken that devotion one step further by planning her future and designating the PATHS Program as her beneficiary.