AUCD Announces New Senior Program Manager for UCEDD Technical Assistance, Sarah DeMaio

May 29, 2019

Sarah DeMaio will be moving from her role providing TA to the LEND and DBP programs with AUCD's MCH TA team to Senior Program Manager of the UCEDD TA team at AUCD. Sarah brings to this role 15 years of experience working with people with disabilities and leading initiatives to increase inclusion in a wide range of arenas. In her role on the MCH TA team she coordinated Autism CARES network outreach and supported the LEND Family Discipline Network. Prior to that role, she was the executive director for the Autism Society of Northern Virginia. As a sibling of an adult with Down syndrome, she will bring her passion and expertise in family engagement and transition to adulthood to her work on the UCEDD team. Sarah will begin this new role on June 1, 2019.