Explore Access with UA Partners' Social Media Accessibility Toolkit (Arkansas UCEDD)

April 22, 2019

University of Arkansas Partners for Inclusive Communities has a new resource to assist organizations in making social media outreach more accessible. The Social Media Accessibility Toolkit provides information about how to use built-in features on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Instragram to create accessible posts and videos. Where features are not available to solve certain accessibility issues, the toolkit offers alternative solutions.

Creating accessible content in social media is becoming easier. As an organization that promotes access and inclusion, UA Partners has worked to ensure all of our social media content is accessible. By setting this example for other organizations in Arkansas and beyond and offering tools to assist organizations in doing the same, we hope to create a ripple effect that results in a more accessible experience for Arkansans (and others) with disabilities.

We invite UCEDDS and other disability organizations to use the toolkit internally to create accessible social media content and to share this resource with the stakeholders in your state.

The Social Media Accessibility Toolkit was developed through a project called Increasing Digital Access in Arkansas, supported by an agreement with Arkansas iCAN (Increasing Capabilities Access Network). It is one of many resources that promote accessible design on our exploreaccess.org website.

For more information about this resource, contact Melanie Thornton, Coordinator of Access and Equity Outreach at [email protected]