Marcia Montague, Ph.D., Affiliated Faculty Speaks at Voices of Impact 2019 (TX UCEDD)

March 25, 2019

Stepping up to help first-generation students be successful Dr. Montague spoke about the first generation undergraduate students. At Texas A&M University approximately 25% of the undergraduate student population are first generation college students. The 6 year graduation rate of this group of students lags about 10% behind that. Research shows that frist generation students come from low income or working class families, doubt their ability to graduate in the timeline, doubt their ability to be able to afford their education. They are often less involved in High School and work off campus.

They may feel they have abandoned their family or they may have a disability and feel as if they don't quite fit. Dr. Montague's work at Texas A&M has allow her the opportunity to partner with school districts and have the opportunity to match college students with high school students who are likely first generation in their family to pursue college. Our team of faculty, staff and students developed and facilitated this near-peer mentor relationship. Where college students were able to work one-on-one with their high schooler to help them understand how to transition from high school to college. Watch the video here: