New Early Intervention Training Program (Georgetown UCEDD)

February 25, 2019

The Georgetown UCEDD has added a new partnership and program to their interdisciplinary pre-service preparation and training activities called GEORGE (Graduate Education of Related Service Providers at Georgetown and George Washington Universities in Early Intervention). With support from a grant from the U.S. Department of Education, Dr. Toby Long along with faculty from the GUCEDD, George Washington and Catholic Universities, has incorporated interdisciplinary pre-service program students into our existing Georgetown University Graduate Certificate in Early Intervention (GUCEI) Program. 

Our first cohort of GEORGE students who are in their final year of the pre-service speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, physical therapy and teaching programs joined our sixth cohort of GUCEI students this year.  The GEORGE students take the GUCEI, complete a capstone project, and participate in a four-week team-based learning practicum in the community. 

They will graduate with the Certificate in Early Intervention from Georgetown University along with their professional program degree by June 2019. The combined program is a unique and easy way to ensure new providers have skills necessary to serve young children and their families and learn alongside the other professionals who are already practicing the early childhood fields.  For more information about GEORGE and GUCEI, see or