Tufts DBP FAST Project

September 17, 2018

Project Summary:

This FAST project addresses the needs around expanding access to culturally and linguistically appropriate DBP services by engaging stakeholders (families and medical interpreters) in a collaborative learning curriculum. This area is a priority for our program as we continue to deepen our understanding of providing culturally and linguistically competent care to families of children with DD/ASD. We hold true that cultural and linguistic competence are developmental processes at both the individual and organizational level and that with appropriate support, individuals can enhance their knowledge and skills over time.

Goals and Objectives Accomplished:

a.Increased the capacity of trainees to deliver inclusive and culturally and linguistically competent care to a diverse patient population

  1. Developed content for a collaborative learning curriculum for DBP faculty/fellows, other behavioral health providers (long-term trainees), and medical interpreters (short term trainees) to inform culturally and linguistically competent care to families of children with DD/ASD.
  2. Faculty and trainees demonstrated increased knowledge of culturally and linguistically diverse populations through participation in the collaborative learning curriculum

b. Increased the linguistic competency of the organization and its personnel to communicate effectively and convey information in a manner that is easily understood and accepted by culturally and linguistically diverse groups.

  1. Conducted a needs assessment of the knowledge, attitudes, and skills of personnel (providers and interpreters) as they relate to cultural and linguistic competency in behavioral health settings
  2. Used mind mapping strategies create a tool, which incorporates shared language whereby behavioral and mental health needs are discussed in diverse cultures and languages.
Primary Contact:

Christina T. Sakai | [email protected]