Now Archived: Autism in the Context of Ableism: Culture, Identity, and Quality of Life

December 12, 2018

Through a series of three virtual activities entitled, " Autism in the Context of Ableism: Culture, Identity, and Quality of Life," the network of MCHB-funded Autism CARES grantees explored the topic of ableism in September and October of 2018. Each of the interactive webinars in the series was recorded and is now available (including supporting documents) to grantees for asynchronous viewing on the ITAC website.

Webinar #1 - Keynote Presentation - September 5, 2018
This one-hour framing keynote by autistic leader, Ari Ne'eman, defined and began to unpack the ways that ableism impacts the autistic community. The archive includes a recording of his presentation and the accompanying PowerPoint slides for download.

Webinar #2 - Promising Practices - October 5, 2018
This event showcased a diverse range of authentically inclusive and engaging practices being implemented by: Michelle Hoffman and Zack Siddeek from the Washington State Implementation Grant; Amy Kratchman, a researcher at Children's Hospital of Philadelphia; and Kurt Vogel and Molly Tucker from the Georgia LEND. The archive has recordings of their presentations (as well as slides) and the panel discussion that followed.

Webinar #3 - Putting the Pieces Together - October 29, 2018
During this event, attendees divided into small groups to process what they had learned and discuss how it applies to CARES-funded work. The archive includes a recording of the opening and closing content, plus organized notes from the small group discussions.