The Center for START Services

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The Center for START Services, developed in 2009, is a national initiative based at the University of New Hampshire Institute on Disability/UCED that provides educational and capacity building services, promotes and evaluates evidence-informed practices and approaches, and facilitates START model program implementation across the United States with the aim of improving the lives of individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) and behavioral health needs. START (an acronym for Systemic, Therapeutic, Assessment, Resources, and Treatment) is a tertiary care research-based model of services and supports. While providing training, assessment and crisis intervention services, START services are implemented in the context of a comprehensive, systems linkage approach, to improve capacity in the system as a whole. First established in 1988, START is designed as a lifespan service for individuals ages six and older diagnosed with IDDMH. The program aims to strengthen experiences and service outcomes. The goal is to improve diagnosis and treatment, support effective services, create service linkages, promote health and wellness for both the individual with IDD and the caregiver, and decrease the need for emergency services. For more information, please visit, call us at (603) 228-2084, or email [email protected].

Joan B. Beasley, PhD,
Director, Center for START Services
Research Associate Professor, University of New Hampshire
[email protected]