Parent Perceptions of Autism Identification and Treatment (MN LEND)

August 6, 2018

MNLEND Fellow, Pang Chaxiong, has focused her MNLEND project ( on better understanding the needs of families from diverse communities on early identification and evidence-based treatments in autism.The specific goal of this research study is to inform the development/improvement of tools and strategies to support parents in seeking earlier identification and evidence-based treatments for their child with autism, with a particular emphasis on reaching to the Hmong and Somali American communities. 

To accomplish this, the study will disseminate two surveys. The purpose of the primary survey is to better understand parent perceptions of (1) the causes of their child's ASD and (2) their identification and intervention-seeking experiences.  The purpose of the secondary survey is to better understand parent perceptions of specific ASD treatments when presented by either credible or non-credible sources, and also to learn about the effectiveness of early developmental screening tools such as Learn the Signs, Act Early ( The team hopes to begin recruitment for the survey by fall of 2018.  This study will be conducted by MNLEND Fellow and doctoral student Pang Chaxiong (Educational Psychology - Special Education), Dr. Jennifer Hall-Lande (PI, MNLEND faculty-mentor), and Dr. Veronica Fleury (PhD advisor).