Institute for Disability Studies Partners with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College on Free Adventure Therapy Program (MS UCEDD)

July 30, 2018

The IDS Aventure Therapy program features an elevated ropes course.
The IDS Aventure Therapy program features an elevated ropes course.

Challenge by choice. It is an empowering, yet frightening concept. On one hand, individuals decide whether to take a risk to overcome specific obstacles. On the other hand, they have the daunting task of facing their fears with the possibility of disappointment by not achieving their goal.

What if the obstacles and fears were replaced by a low swinging log, a zipline 45 feet in the air, a kayak paddle, or a rock wall? Would the choice still be as challenging?

The Institute for Disability Studies (IDS) at The University of Southern Mississippi believes everyone in the community, including people with disabilities, should have the opportunity to work through any obstacle that might block their path to a healthier and fuller life.

In a partnership with Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College's Estuarine Education Center, IDS is providing the Mississippi coastal community with Adventure Therapy, a program that puts the power of choice in the hands of each participant. Through the Adventure Therapy program, individuals can develop teamwork, communication, trust, and self-empowerment skills through low and high ropes courses, kayaking, and rock wall climbing.

Low ropes activities include low swinging log, tight ropes, and tire swings. After completing low ropes, participants can progress into the high ropes where it is all about personal choice and testing comfort zones on wooden planks, swinging logs and ziplines suspended 45 feet in the air. Ropes courses not your cup of tea? Try a relaxing kayak trip on the Mary Walker Bayou before testing the indoor rock wall.

IDS' Adventure Therapy program is a free, inclusive year round activity. Remaining dates for the 2017-2018 program year are August 10 and 24, and September 14, however, additional dates can be scheduled to better accommodate the group's needs. Individuals must be 12 years or older for the ropes courses.

For more information on Adventure Therapy or other IDS inclusive recreation programming, contact Tyler Edwards, CTRS, Assistive Technology and Recreational Therapist at 228.214.3327 or [email protected]