MO LEND Trainees attend AUCD Disability Policy Seminar and Trainee Summit

June 8, 2018

Missouri LEND trainees, Mark Tapia (self-advocate) and Amy Lake (parent advocate), were able to attend the Spring AUCD Disability Policy Seminar and Trainee Summit. Mark is the Autism Treatment Network's first self-advocate and is graduating this semester with his master's in Special Education.

Amy Lake's daughter, Helen, has epilepsy and has thousands of seizures per year. Amy was able to meet with Missouri Senator, Roy Blunt, to discuss her experiences and was able to present her leadership project to Senator Blunt (as seen in the attached picture). Amy's project was a visual representation of the extensive logs she keeps on Helen's seizure activity. Amy and Mark were both inspired by their experiences at the policy seminar and look forward to future opportunities to serve as advocates.