Review of Autism Screeners for Very Young Children with or at Risk for Autism Spectrum Disorders

April 20, 2018

Screening for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) at 18 and 24 months has been a standard American Academy of Pediatrics recommendation since 2007. However, research over the last two decades about the early emergence of autism symptoms has prompted a number of researchers and clinicians to create screening instruments and strategies for earlier ages. Patricia Towle Ph.D. and Patricia Patrick DrPH at Westchester Institute for Human Development (WIHD) published a review of such instruments in:

This work was done under contract with the New York State Department of Health Early Intervention Bureau as part of a project to update the 1999 Clinical Practice Guidelines for children with ASD ages Birth to Three. Several WIHD LEND trainees took part in the evidence-based literature review and together these LEND faculty and trainees authored several posters presented at national conferences. A version of the updated guidelines (Quick Reference) can be found at