Wyoming Institute for Disabilites Launches New ECHO Network to Address Opioid Use in Wyoming (WY UCEDD)

March 29, 2018

Wyoming Institute for Disabilities, Wyoming's UCEDD at the University of Wyoming, launched a new ECHO integrated care network in February designed to address issues related to opioid use in Wyoming. UW ECHO in Behavioral Health is a collaboration with the Wyoming Department of Health and Mountain Plains Addiction Technology Transfer Center and brings together professionals from behavioral health, primary care, law enforcement as well as treatment and recovery providers, peer specialists and pharmacists. By sharing promising practices and evidenced-based care, the network provides participants with an opportunity to participate in an online professional community dedicated to preventing opiate addiction and fostering recovery.

"Wyoming is working to increase community capacity to address opioid addiction before it becomes an epidemic. UW ECHO in Behavioral Health utilizes a unique forum that will help us quickly increase the use of best-practices in the field," according to Carol Day, Mental Health and Substance Abuse Services Administrator at the Wyoming Department of Health, on the potential impact of the network.

The first session was held on February 14 and drew over 100 participants. Behavioral Health sessions will continue biweekly throughout the summer, with topics to include medication assisted treatment, toxicology monitoring, and client engagement. If you are interested in learning more about UW ECHO in Behavioral Health, or any of the other ECHO networks available through the Wyoming Institute for Disabilities, please visit www.uwyo.edu/wind/echo.