Nutrition is for Everyone - March 2018

March 14, 2018

March 2018 | Vol. 3 Issue 3

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  Nutrition is for Everyone Ambassador Updates



Arkansas (AR) appeared on a local TV Station, KATV 7 News, to promote Nutrition is for Everyone (NIFE) AR and demonstrate a healthy adapted recipe that used in their classes. Nutrition advocate Carly Luck, created Veggie Wraps on live TV and did a fantastic job! KATV 7 News is excited to have her back on air very soon.

Photo Caption: NIFE AR Nutrition Advocate Carly Luck during her television appearance.


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In February, Senior Program Manager Tanisha Clarke from AUCD visited the Louisiana Nutrition is for Everyone (NIFE LA) in New Orleans to observe activities and meet & greet the team members. Additionally, the NIFE LA project wrapped up its fourth Unified Fitness Club class offered through its partnership with Special Olympics Louisiana. At each weekly class, athletes and their families engaged in 30 minutes of guided physical activity and 30 minutes of interactive nutrition education. Read more...

Photo Caption: NIFE LA showing Senior Program Manager Tanisha Clarke (AUCD) southern hospitality during her site visit.

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Nutrition is for Everyone Mississippi (NIFE MS) held the project's second nutrition education workshop last month. Seventeen students and their instructors from transition classes at Gulfport and Pass Christian high schools participated. The workshop was held at the Institute for Disability Studies (IDS) office in Long Beach at The University of Southern Mississippi's Gulf Park campus. Deputy Ambassador LaShaundrea Crook, MS, RDN, LD, led the workshop and hands-on snack activity, and Deputy Ambassador Taylor Carley provided workshop support. The fruit and vegetable snack preparation continues to be one of the highlights of the workshop for young participants. "I like how we prepared the fruit," one student shared. While another student admitted, "I liked eating the fruit."Read more...

Photo Caption: Students participating in the nutrition education workshop

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The Deputy Nutrition Ambassadors at Nutrition is for Everyone Oklahoma (NIFE OK) are teaching a class this month for Spanish-speaking families on how to meet the dietary guidelines using MyPlate. NIFE OK has also partnered with the LEND (Leadership Education in Neurodevelopmental Disabilities) program and is in the process of developing a curriculum for healthy meal planning and food safety for people with disabilities and their friends and family. Lastly, they are still working on the cooking demonstration videos which, once developed, will be shares on social media Read more...

Like their Facebook page for nutrition tips and events. You can also follow them on  Twitter  at and Pinterest. Contact Ashley for more details or to join the efforts in Oklahoma.

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Nutrition is for Everyone Tennessee (NIFE TN) was able to distribute Nutrition is for Everyone information (including social media connections) at a 1-day workshop for professionals and families related to intellectual and developmental disabilities. This was a great opportunity to provide some nutrition resources to physicians, therapists, and other healthcare professionals! There are several more workshops scheduled in upcoming months across the state, expanding NIFE TN's reach with health care professionals as well as families. Read more...

Photo Caption: Small groups hard at work with case-based learning about intellectual and developmental disabilities.

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  Nutrition in Action


Dark Chocalate Cherry Energy Bites

Looking for something to satisfy your sweet tooth? Try these dark chocolate cherry energy bites, get the recipe here .



High Blood Pressure and Complementary Health

Healthy lifestyle habits, like maintaining a healthy weight and getting enough physical activity, can reduce your risk of developing high blood pressure (hypertension). And if you already have high blood pressure, healthy habits can help you reduce it - although some people need to take medicine, too. Some complementary health approaches, such as meditation and yoga, may also help to reduce blood pressure, and they have shown promise as elements of an overall program of lifestyle change. Click here for more information.


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  Nutrition and Beyond

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week


February 26 through March 4, 2018, was Eating Disorders Awareness Week and an opportunity to talk about the connection between bullying and eating disorders. Weight-based teasing and bullying have been identified as common experiences for youth, particularly for those who may be heavier. Children whose peers tease them about their weight are more likely to engage in disordered eating. Read more here...

    CDC Acting Director on the State of Public Health

Public Health Newswire interviewed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Acting Director Anne Schuchat, MD, on the state of public health and the agency's plans for 2018. As CDC tackles an ongoing and severe flu season, continues its response to the opioid crisis and plans for public health emergencies, Schuchat reaffirms the agency's commitment to critical science and providing health information that protects Americans. Read the full interview here.


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