Spread the Word to End the Word

Join us on March 7

March 1, 2018

Website Link  http://bit.ly/2FCk0TL

The 10th annual Spread the Word to End the Word event, organized and hosted by Special Olympics, will be 3.7.2018. Here are a few ways your organization can be involved:

With organization's social media accounts, promote the campaign. Tweet before the event and on the national day to inspire more people to pledge

  • Join in the conversation with #EndtheWord and follow @EndtheWord for other ideas
  • Graphics can be found here. Share a video or a graphic!

If individuals in your organization have experienced effects of the R-word, invite them to serve as a guest contributor for a blog post on Our Words, the new blog on respect, inclusion, and the R-word

  • Example blog posts can be found here

Offer fact sheets with information about the R-word campaign to visitors

Hang posters about the campaign

Create an area where people can take the pledge.

  • Ideas include: Creating a flyer with information about the campaign and a link people can visit on their smart phone, or a tablet or laptop set to www.rword.org to pledge

Encourage visitors/clients to tell a friend about the R-word campaign.