Nutrition is for Everyone Ambassador Updates - Tennessee

February 2, 2018

Healthy snack snowman
Healthy snack snowman

The Post-Secondary Education programs were all on break between semesters and came back to ice and then snow at the start of the semester, with multiple days where universities were closed because of hazardous roads. Note the photo of the snowman with not only a carrot for a nose, but cashews for the smile, and dried apricots for eyes, which shows a creative use of food! Meanwhile, the program directors, along with the Nutrition Ambassador and are getting reorganized to begin planning nutrition education dates for the spring semester, and looking into further outreach.

February is, of course, Valentine's Day, with an abundance of chocolate and candy available everywhere. Another set of food idea pages was added to the curriculum, with ideas for treats centering about other food options, with handwritten or printed food labels. Some of the ideas:  a label "I'm NUTS about you!" tied to a jar or package of pistachios or cashews or mixed nuts, "You're totally tea-riffic!" card with a special flavored tea bag or two, or "I chews you" with chewing gum or gumballs. It even gives you a chance for a language lesson on words that sound alike or similar but are spelled differently.

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