Nutrition is for Everyone Ambassador Updates - Tennessee

January 17, 2018

Dipped Turkish Apricots
Dipped Turkish Apricots

December is always busy and sometimes it's hard to fit one more thing into a schedule, even if it is cooking or education about food!

Healthy eating over the holiday is always a challenge, so with help from the students, the Nutrition Ambassador from Nutrition is for Everyone Tennessee (NIFE TN) put together a guide, "Easy Holiday Gifts from the Kitchen", with instructions for fruit and vegetable related treats and meals. Treats included Dried Turkish Apricots dipped in white chocolate, and a drop candy with dried cherries, nuts and dark chocolate. Meals included prettily layered "soup in a mason jar" gift mixes: Italian-Seasoned Barley Soup, Split Pea Soup, Five Bean Soup, and Minestrone.

Social Media through Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest continues with regular posting, with expanding outreach and additional page "likes" and "follows", and interactions. Lots of holiday recipes, healthy eating suggestions, and healthy comfort food meals were offered.

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