Young Adults with ASD talk about life Beyond High School (Co UCEDD/LEND)

December 7, 2017

JFK Partners, Colorado's UCEDD and LEND is very pleased to announce a new video, "Young Adults with ASD talk about life Beyond High School." This video documents a conversation between two young women with ASD as they discuss their transition from high school, as well as topics such as gender and sexuality, relationships, and what has helped them over the years. There is a "then and now" component to the film, with footage of these young women meeting when they were teenagers. Although the focus of this video is on young adults, it conveys important lessons for all practitioners, individuals with ASD, their families, and community members. 

This is the second entry in the Voices of ASD Video Library, a collection of videos that explore the lives of individuals with ASD, with a focus on first person accounts and an exploration of what it means to live with ASD. The direct link to the library is .