Action Needed - Tax Bill and Affordable Care Act

November 17, 2017

Meet with your Members of Congress during Thanksgiving Recess - Nov 20-24

The full House (HR 1) and the Senate Finance Committee (see results of session and amendments) passed legislation that would make drastic changes to the tax code, which disproportionally benefits corporations and those with high incomes.

The Senate version would repeal the requirement in current law that all Americans must have health insurance coverage. This individual mandate is a critical part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which helps keep premium costs lower than they otherwise would be without the requirement.

Take Action:

This recess is an important time to schedule meetings with your Members to educate them on:

  1. how these extreme tax cuts will result in reducing needed care for people with disabilities and their families;
  2. the importance of Medicaid and other health care programs for people with disabilities;
  3. how repealing the Individual Mandate provision of the ACA would result in premiums increasing for approximately 7 million people, large declines in enrollment, and loss of insurance due to marketplace instability; and
  4. how these tax cuts disproportionately benefit the wealthy and result in increased taxes for many low-income families.

Find your Members here and schedule a meeting with them TODAY!