IHD 50 years of Service (AZ UCEDD)

November 15, 2017

After five decades of service to the state of Arizona, the Institute for Human Development is celebrating its 50th Anniversary. After beginning as the Northern Arizona University Rehabilitation Center, then President Walkup officially changed its name to the Institute for Human Development. This change was necessitated due to the changing status within the university and the new scope of programs which they were developing. The move towards expanding its focus on addressing behavioral and social problems and not just rehabilitation created the need for this change. So, after getting approval from NAU President Walkup and informing Mr. Holdship, then Director of the Arizona Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Rehabilitation Center was re-designated as of September 1, 1967 to the "Institute for Human Development".

Throughout its history, the Institute has emphasized services, research and training. These focus areas continue today as the Institute celebrates its past and focuses toward the future to provide positive changes in the public's perception of persons with disabilities. We hope that through our efforts there will be greater changes in access, attitude, and inclusion for persons with disabilities.