The Student "Draft IEP" Tool at WIHD UCEDD/LEND

November 23, 2017


pdf File IEP Tool (125KB) [download]

WIHD has updated its popular Student "Draft IEP" Tool ( The tool, developed by Naomi Brickel, helps students to prepare information for IEP development and generate their own "draft IEP" to share with the rest of the IEP team. This serves to increase student understanding of the IEP process and facilitates student participation in IEP discussions. Research indicates that students who are involved in their special education program planning are more successful in school. However, many students do not even attend their IEP meetings, and of those who do, few participate in a meaningful way.

The Student "Draft IEP" Tool provides a strategy for remedying this situation. A pop-up survey, completed by over 100 users (or their parents or teachers), provides a preliminary look at the student, family, and teacher experience with using the Student "Draft IEP" Tool:

Before using the tool:

  • Only 50% of the student responders indicated that they had attended their IEP meetings.
  • 89% of parents and teachers indicated that students had either not attended their meetings, or had come to their meetings but participated minimally, or not at all.
  • Only 13% (students) and 11% (adults) of respondents felt that the students had had contributed meaningfully in their meetings. 

After using the tool:

  • 79% of students planned to attend their IEP meeting.
  • 95% of students indicated they would share their "Draft IEP" with the rest of the IEP team. 
  • 77% of students felt they will be able to participate more in their upcoming meeting
  • Students (89%) and teachers and parents (100%) felt that using the tool helped the student to prepare for their IEP meeting. 

Although originally modeled on the New York State IEP form, the "Draft IEP" Tool has been updated to make it more broadly applicable. Users may now generate a "Student IEP Report" that can be used in any state or territory. 

Additional updates facilitate classroom and school-wide use by adding options for teachers to develop accounts for all of their students and for students to assign themselves to a classroom teacher with an account. We invite you to access the updated Student "Draft IEP" Tool by creating an account at ( .

For more information contact Naomi Brickel, [email protected].