Self-Determination Inventory System (SDIS) Data Dashboard (KA UCEDD)

November 13, 2017


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What is the SDIS?

The Self-Determination Student Inventory System (SDIS) is comprised of two new validated measures created by researchers Karrie A. Shogren and Michael L. Wehmeyer at the University of Kansas: the Self-Determination Inventory: Student Report (SDI:SR) and the Self-Determination Inventory: Parent/Teacher Report (SDI:PTR). The SDI:SR asks students questions about how they feel about their ability to be self-determined; that is to make choices, set and go after goals, and make decisions. The SDI:PTR measures a teacher's or parent/family member's perception of a young person's self-determination.

SDI:SR Highlights

  • Designed for young people ages 13-22 with and without disabilities  
  • Takes only 10 minutes to complete 
  • Offers audio that reads the questions aloud and in-text definitions of words

The Self-Determination Inventory System (SDIS) Data Dashboard is a platform for measures related to self-determination. The SDIS Data Dashboard allows users to: create/manage user accounts, assign surveys to participants (e.g., teachers, students), produce summary lists of users, take surveys, and view survey results.

Who might use the SDIS Data Dashboard?

Current clients include school districts, schools, and researchers from across the U.S. A popular use of the SDIS is to gather data on changes in student self-determination over time (e.g.,at the beginning and end of the school year, before and after an intervention is implemented, etc.).

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