Project SALT Team Presents at Family Cafe 2017 (FL UCEDD/LEND)

October 18, 2017

The University of Miami Mailman Center for Child Development sent six members from the Project Self-Advocate Leadership Training (SALT) Team to the Family Café, from June 16th to June 18th of 2017: Shelly Baer, LCSW and founder of Project SALT, Joanne Palenzuela, co-founder of SALT; Damian Gregory, advocate and speaker; Denise Prehay, advocate and SALT Trainer; Tracy Seaton, advocate, Special Olympics athlete and assistant SALT Trainer; and Jairo Arana, advocate and SALT Trainer.

Since 1998, The Family Café has provided individuals with disabilities and their families, especially children, teenagers, and young adults with disabilities with the opportunities to connect, share resources and information which help empower them. The annual conference takes place in Orlando, during three days, and is dedicated to training, networking and breakout sessions meant for this community and their families. The Project SALT Team was selected to present in one of these breakout sessions, where they spoke about the program and answered questions. Shelly Baer was available on conference call to take questions from attendees. Over eight thousand people from the state of Florida, where The Family Café is headquartered, in Tallahassee, and families from all over the country attend this annual event.

"It's great to attend conferences, but there's something about this particular conference which makes it stand out. It's a different kind of energy, and it covers people of all disabilities," said Jairo Arana. "When you go to a conference where people are encouraged to sing karaoke, you know that's a special kind of place. People are so happy and cheerful. It is a special kind of place. I'm looking forwards to the next one."